Trainer in cultural intelligence (CQ)
CQ trainer - Jeroen Jansen

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Jeroen is my name

I am a proud dad of a sensitive daughter and pioneering son. A born ‘Brabander’ from the South of the Netherlands, who still likes a childlike florescent perspective. My father was the one that made me explore many cultures since I was a child. His stories from travelling around the world for business, his international taste of music and parties he organized with my mom in many different cultural themes (with matching food, decorations, clothes, music, artifacts, etc…). I'm sure my 'wanderlust' was born here. Living without music would be absolutely impossible for me. My working experience made me a sensitive and analytic Culture-Wizzkid that loves to move people into action. Not by protocols or big documents, but by appealing intrinsic motivation. Making people realize development reveal new possibilities.

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Adapting my cultural knowhow for companies

For twenty years my work for Centraal Orgaan opvang Asielzoekers (COA) gave me the opportunity to meet people from many different cultures. I discovered the impact of the cultural background in the way we experience the world around us. In many situations cultural bias interferes the relational process. Not only within a refugee-center, also in our daily lifes. Like our work. Especially in this globalized time.

Cultural bias can upset the implementation of smart designed plans to make them turn out in a complete different way than expected or even die in silence. Not really knowing why it ends up this way produce frustration by losing a lot of time, effort and energy. While at the same time cultural diversity within teams can provide an unique impuls and positive boost to perform. I would like to find out how my cross cultural knowhow can improve your collaboration in business. Within teams as in contact with expats, clients, stakeholders or suppliers.

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Keynotes, workshops & training

To create awareness for cultural bias I give keynotes, workshops & training in cultural intelligence. For companies and organizations that prefer a structural improvement of cultural intelligence (CQ) I can offer a custom-build training & coaching. I regain understanding by motivating people intrinsicly. Because people themselves operate the change, not the vision documentation or improved process implementation. This is how I solve intercultural conflicts and learn a company or organization to benefit their internal diversity. Nothing more impressive to see people, even complete teams, evolve and grow.In the past I already studied misunderstanding in human communication with different cultural backgrounds in the U.K., Poland, Norway and the Netherlands. Presentations, training, training-the-trainers and workshops in intercultural topics I provided in the Netherlands, Croatia, Malta & Poland.

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Arabic attendees describe me as being: decent, well-mannered, modest, open minded, educated, sweet, sense of humour

Evaluationscore participants training for the Office for Foreigners Poland: 5,62-5,71 on a 6 point-scale (35p.)

Evaluationscore asylum seekers granted permit to stay on my intercultural training: 4,88-4,96 on a 5 point-scale (102p.)